Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Aftermath of Christmas

Well, we had Christmas and it was grand! The boys got what they wanted, plus they got money from relatives which they have spent on other things they wanted, mainly video games. Will I ever get my television back? That's hard to tell! lol I got crochet patterns, yarn and hooks from Stephen. I bought him this really cool cross necklace and a little pouch to hold the friendship coin I got him last year because he had worn a hole in his other pouch!

So, we still have baked goods in our house, and I am swiftly making my way through them. I have gained so much weight the last half of this year after losing so much! I'm ashamed! So, once again, I will be making weight loss a huge New Year's Resolution. I will have a plan by the time January 1 comes along! Just haven't decided my plan yet! I could just say I am going to eat less and move more, but unfortunately, I need more structure than that or I will fail! I can't do anything that will cost more money, like weight watchers, because I simply do not have it in the budget.

On another note, I thought I was pregnant... very weird situation, would have been a miracle, but I had gotten very used to the idea. My periods for the last 5 months have been very light and very short. And recently I have been feeling what feels like a baby moving. well, I had 5 negative pregnancy tests, so decided to go see my family doctor. Took another pregnancy test, negative. I don't have insurance right now, so she would not do a blood test. She was going to use the fetal doppler, but hers was broken, so she just felt my uterus and said I probably wasn't pregnant because my uterus was not enlarged. So, there ya go... still feeling kicks, but everything is still inconclusive. Who knows! If I pop out a baby in a few months, I guess I will know.

So, that's it for now.

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