Saturday, January 1, 2011

Downsizing ME!

So, DH and I decided that we would lose weight this year. I have tried EVERY diet known to man! lol OK, maybe not every one, but a lot... low-fat, low-carb, hCG, Weight Watchers, 6 Minutes in the Morning, IsaGenix, etc etc etc. I have lost weight only to gain it back. The last diet was the hCG diet, and I DID lose quite a bit of weight, only to gain it all back and more. It came off QUICK and came back just as quick! I also started losing my hair... so decided the hCG diet was not for me after all. I would rather be fat with good hair than thin with no hair! LOL Sooo, we have decided to be SMART about weight loss this time.

We are going to take things slow, so that we actually stick to it. We are not using a "diet" but we are going to change the way we do things. We are not going to DEPRIVE ourselves of anything. We are going to make better choices!

So, this is a break down of what we plan to do week by week. We might change some things as we go along.

  1. We will buy no more sweets! We can finish what we have in the house, but we will no longer bring that CRAP into our home. Some may say, "But you have KIDS! Are you going to deprive them of sweets!??" No, we are not depriving them or us of anything... we are making better choices. I'm not saying I will never make dessert, because I love to bake, but we are eliminating all store bought sweets! Also, by doing this, we will have healthier snacks available for us and the boys. They will learn from  this as well!
  2. We will drink WATER! We don't drink enough water. We drink plenty of sweet tea, iced coffees, soda, etc. But we do not drink enough plain water. Once again, we will not be depriving ourselves: we will allow for 1 vice, and mine just happens to be coffee! I will allow myself ONE iced coffee per day. My iced coffee consists of creamer, skim milk, coffee and ice. I can have this in the morning or in the evening, but only ONCE a day! The rest of the day I will drink WATER. I can also have herbal tea. I have a lot of herbal tea on hand, so I should really use that up. 
  3. We will learn portion control! This means smaller portions! And bigger portions of vegetables compared to the other stuff on our plates! We can eat slower also to help make those portions seem to be bigger than they actually are.
  4. We will get up and MOVE! There is no reason to not exercise! We will find something we like to do and do it! I personally get bored easily, so I will probably find several somethings to do! One thing we like to do together is take walks, so we might take an after dinner walk daily. I have more weight to lose than DH does, so I will probably find one other way to move during the day. I like to do workout videos, so I might do some of those, and then play on the WII Fit.
  5. Eat more natural food! We eat a lot of processed foods, so we really need to get back to the earth and eat more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and less CRAP! We are going to find a way to do all of this without blowing our budget!
So, I will be posting our progress here and let you know how things are going!

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