Monday, January 3, 2011

Crochet and Crafty Stuff

My DH bought me crochet patterns, hooks, and yarn for Christmas! :) I'm excited to get started... tomorrow! I have been waiting for the boys to go back to school to start, because they keep me pretty busy! lol Here are the patterns he bought me(I picked them out lol):

Nubby Newsboy Cap

Newborn Hooded Cocoon

Jester Hat with PomPoms

Mystic Owl Hat

Owl Hat - Yes, I love owls! lol

Sweet & Sassy Hat

Flap Hat

I have the yarn to make the Nubby Newsboy Cap for myself, the Flap Hat for DS10 and then one Jester Hat with PomPoms(he also got me a PomPom maker!). My short term goal is to make 10 hats or various crafty things to put into an Etsy shop to start selling! As I sell things, I will buy more patterns to make a bigger variety of things. I did make sure all of the patterns I bought stated that they can be sold online and at Etsy, because there are a lot of sellers out there that do not allow this.

Anyway, I will post pics as I finish projects!:)

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