Monday, November 29, 2010


So, here is our budget for everyone to see! LOL

Rent-inclusive: $750
Cell Phones: $150
Van Payment: $400
Gas: $300
Food: $400
Internet/Home Phone: $100 (our internet is included in the rent, however, it is "shared" with the apartment next door and not consistent or speedy enough for 5 of us! Also, our cell phones do not always work in this town!)
Storage shed: $100
Netflix: $10
GroceryGame: $10-$35 (I am trying to decide if I want to keep this or just do it myself!)
CYT: $250
Total: $2470-$2495

Stephen - $1698
Me - nothing since becoming unemployed... well, I WAS getting $169 a week for unemployment, but then I took a temp job for 2 weeks and screwed that up... now I have to go back and see what they can do about that! So, if that gets fixed, for a while I will make $732 a month.
Total income: either $1698 or $2430... either way, not enough to pay the bills!

However, right now we are getting help with food, so subtract the $400 = $2070-$2095, so STILL not enough without my unemployment. I AM starting a new little business that hopefully will take off soon, so that would help a lot. We have downsized so much, so I don't see that we can get rid of anymore bills at this point, so we will just have to make more money. I AM unsure on how much we spend on gas each week, so I will start calculating how much we spend each week.



  1. Hi Photogrrl77! You are really brave to put up actual budget numbers. The big thing that sticks out to me is the van payment and gas... ouch! You're paying as much for transportation as you are for housing. Is there anything you can do about that? Hope the unemployment issue works out for you! Keep at it!

  2. Hi Laura, unfortunately, we need the van,a nd the gas was when we were both working, so I really need to keep track over the next month and see what we are really spending.


  3. You are brave to post your bills... I've thought about doing that before... and I think it's cool that you are doing it. Looking forward to reading more about your blog!