Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas presents... um or not...

Yeah, we have not bought ONE SINGLE GIFT! Yikes! Well, the thing is... DH doesn't get paid again until Christmas Eve. We had to pay rent and get our DSL back on, so we will be Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. One thing this does is eliminate one of the parties we usually go to and take a wrapped gift worth $15 for EACH person in our family($15 x 5 = $75). But it does make it hard to get any good deals before Christmas.

So, next year, starting with the new year, we will be putting away a certain amount of money each payday for gifts for next year... this will make it so much easier on us! Also, we will be shopping the clearance sections to get gifts for those on our gift list who are not our children(it is almost impossible to shop for them until the last minute, because they change their mind too often! lol)

Once we figure out our budget better, in other words, once I start making more money, we will decide how much to put away!

As for shopping, here is the list my boys have given me:


  • Big:
    • Electric Guitar
  • Medium:
    • Red Dead Redemption XBox360
    • Undead Nightmare XBox360
    • Red Faction Guerilla XBox360
  • Small:
    • Giftcards(Game stop/Bookstore)
  • Big:
    • Doesn't know yet lol
  • Medium:
    • Fall Out New Vegas XBox360
    • Super Smash Brothers Brawl Wii
  • Small:
    • Tim Burton Movies
    • Sweatpants
    • Money
  • Big:
    • Laptop
    • Video Camera
  • Medium:
    • Assassins Creed Brotherhood XBox360
  • Small:
    • Travel coffee mug
    • Restaurant Gift Cards
    • Bookstore Gift Cards
We told the boys we would not be able to do any BIG gifts this Christmas, but maybe when we get our tax return back lol so the big ones will have to wait. I would like to be able to spend between $150 and $200 on each of them, but we will have to see how we are sitting. 

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