Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegas... here we come, and other things

I haven't checked in for a few days. Let'e see, what has happened:

  1. I got a job! I don't know when I am starting and it will be Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays. I will be scanning patient files. I love busy work so this is perfect for me!:)
  2. I made a headband yesterday and then I took it apart... stupid pattern! LOL 
  3. After the spring show, the boys will no longer be doing CYT. Huge issues there, we have decided that at least in Kansas City, it has really lost the Christian aspect of the organization. DS16 did get the lead in his school play, so he is happy about that! Quitting CYT, aside from missing a lot of friends, will save us about $3000 a year! WOW1
  4. DS17 got accepted to the college he wanted, so we will be working on scholarships starting this week!
  5. I am starting school for my MFA in photography on Monday, DH is starting for his BFA in photography at the same time!
  6. Weight loss: eh... I am going to buy some Alli tonight and try that! I just need something to keep me honest, and with the negative side effects of that stuff if you eat poorly... yeah, I think it will keep me on track!

The weight loss leads me to this: Ok, so I am a photographer. I am trying to make it a full time business... I filled out a form for a free pass to WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas, and guess what?? I won!! DH and I will be going to Las Vegas from Feb 20th to the 25th! We will be staying at the MGM Grand! We will be flying! I'm so excited! We have some money coming in from our income tax return to help pay for airfare/hotel. And I think I will be checking a bag so that I can throw food in there for us to eat! LOL I need to come up with some snacks that would be good for the trip. Anyway, back on the weight loss... I lost a lot of weight last year doing hCG, only to gain it all back and more when I quit hCG. So, most of my clothes are too small... because when I lost the weight I got rid of my fat clothes and bought(mostly from thrift shops) smaller clothes. Well, nothing fits! I have NO jeans that fit, and have a couple of pairs of athletic pants that fit and one pair of dressier pants... this weekend we will be going to a couple of thrift stores to get a few things, but I think if I lose some weight before the trip, less than a month away, I might be able to squeeze into a few things.

Oh, and I thought I might make this fun for me... like have a goal/reward system to really make myself do this... I was thinking for every pound I lose, I can spend $2.00 towards yarn/patterns. I have about 70-80 lbs to lose, so total that would be $140-$160 worth of yarn/patterns, and I would use those to sell on Etsy, so I would make money in the long run too... lol I am a yarn addict!;)

Wish me luck!:)


  1. Wow things are sounding awesome for you, congrats and hope you have lots of fun in vegas!

    As for the goal/reward system I like doing that for myself too but I need to concentrate on smaller items like you.. sometimes I want a designer purse and that kills all my savings! :P

  2. Thanks! I'm sure excited! :)

    And losing weight is HARD! Need to have incentives! LOL