Saturday, January 22, 2011

Went Shopping

Ok, so I lasted 22 days of the challenge... lol I just wanted to go get some new food and some deals! So, here goes!


Tide Ultra $0.97- after $1.00 coupon: -0.3
Dannon Activia $1.89 - after $1.00 coupon: $0.89
Reveal Lightbulbs $2.44- after $1.00 mfr coupon and $1.50 Target coupon: -0.6
Goodlife Recipe catfood $0.77 - after $1.50 coupon:  -0.73
Maalox Mint $4.54 - after $5.00 coupon: -0.46
Choxie Chocolate bars x 2 $4.38 - after buy 1 get 1 free: $2.19

Total: $1.88 {WOOT!} Plus I got a register coupon for $1.00 off 2 activia 4-packs at Target
I was giddy after this shop! LOL Yeah, I'm a geek!;)


Spent a total of $64.63 for the following:
Garlic Naan($2.00), Artisan Bread($3.00), 2 boxes Ronzoni lasagna ($1.08 - $1/2 c = 58¢ each), Ronzoni Egg Noodles ($1.08 - $1/2 = 58¢ each), Jiffy Yellow Cake Mix(68¢), Index Card book thing to use as a price book($1.24), Ricotta Cheese($1.83), Almond extract($2.98), Maple extract($3.48), Butter($2.56), Whipping Cream($1.78), Coffeemate creamer($1.82 - 75¢c = $1.07), dozen medium eggs($1.54), Garnier Fructis shampoo($2.96 - $1/1c = $1.96), GF conditioner($2.96), gallon fat free milk($3.17), huge can of chili beans($4.12), Equate vanilla "ensure" 6 pack($5.97), Angel Soft toilet paper[needed desperately! lol]($1.18), Toaster[yeah, we didn't have a toaster, and I have been wanting toast really bad! lol]($6.24), all You magazine[bought for coupons! And yes, I have signed up for my free issues and plan to keep the subscription!]($2.49), black jacket for Stephen[he can only wear an all black jacket to work and he has been getting cold! lol]($10 on clearance from $15!).

Price Chopper:

Spent a total of $50.91 for the following:
Apple pie filling($1.00), Cherry pie filling($1.00), Snack packs pudding(69¢ each - 60¢ off 3 = 49¢ each), GM total Cereals($1.49 - $1.00/2 = $1.00 each), Post cereals($2.00 - $1/2 = $1.50 each), Lean Gourmet meals(79¢ - $1.5 = 59¢), Ensure 4 pack[DS16 is vegetarian, so I like to make sure he is getting all his nutrients! lol]($6.99 - $3/1 4 pk = $3.99), Cherries($2.49/lb!), Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts($2.49 lb. I only bought 2 packs because I know I can get them cheaper later and then I will stock up!), cream cheese(79¢ each, bought 4), ground chuck($1.98 lb).


Spent a total of $40.11 for the following:

Folgers coffee($2.99 each - $1/2 = $2.49 each), Hyvee Pasta(77¢ each), Hyvee cereals(3/$5), Hyvee granola bars(3/$5), Hyvee salsa(2/$3), baby carrots($1.00), blue ribbon Butterfly Pork Chops(3/$5), and raspberries(sigh... $4.99... the sign above the blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries said $1.98... didn't realize until we were gone that we paid $4.99 for the raspberries! Live and learn! They better be tasty! I have good plans for them though!:) )

We will go get newspapers for coupons tomorrow and go to Dillons, and ALDI if ALDI is open on Sundays(?). I will amend this post with those totals as well!:)

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